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A message from Scotty.  January 30th 2018 8:30pm CST. 


"Hey all you pedal heads and wonderful ProAnalog Devices customers, 

I just returned from NAMM at 1am Tuesday morning and now have a serious case of the respiratory flu.  Its horrible and I haven't had it this bad in a very long time!  #NAMMTHRAX oh the joy...


But be reassured that I will get to all your emails within 5 to 7 days from today. 

If you feel I've missed yours, please resend it to me 


Manticore overdrive is 12 week lead time, all other pedals are 4 to 6 week lead time."


Thank you for being so wonderful to me and thank you for your patience...

Peace, Love and FUZZ unto you,


Scotty "

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